Northern Housing Roundtable – hosted by Seam Capital

The Agile Boardroom…..improving financial & asset flexibility in association with Homes for the North
Manchester - January 2019

The pressure on boards of Housing Associations has never been greater. High expectations to fulfil customers needs and build more homes is national headline news, and rightly so. In Northern Housing's first roundtable debate, we will discuss with HA boardroom professionals, how they are leading the way by adopting a flexible and agile approach to help solve the housing crisis in the North of England.

This event is by invitation only, if you would like to be considered to join this event please contact 






About the host:

Ray Christopher is  Founder and Managing Director of Seam Capital Ltd and non-executive board member of MHS Homes Group. For the previous 10 years Ray led the corporate finance, treasury and development finance functions at The Hyde Group - a period which saw over 10,000 families housed in new homes across London and the South East. He recently left Hyde to co-found Seam Capital, an advisory company servicing the social housing sector and dedicated to the provision of more affordable homes. You can find more about Ray and Seam Capital work here

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