Northern Housing Leaders Working Lunch Sessions

Northern Housing Leaders Working Lunch Session 2019

March 2019

What do LAs need from Specialist Support Housing?

hosted by Civitas Social Housing PLC

July 2019

Further details coming soon

hosted by TriPartum

September 2019

Further details coming soon

hosted by Public Sector PLC


Northern Housing Working Lunch Sessions gives you the opportunity to set the agenda and debate with leaders within the northern housing sector.

We personally engage and secure up to 6 key and influential decision makers for either a VIP lunch through our network and partnerships You let us know who you want there and we will move mountains to get them there, we will also offer some other options that you may not have thought of too!

Then the room is yours, set the agenda, spark debate and cement existing relationships or forge new ones. Throughout the day our Editor, Mark Cantrell, will be reporting on the discussions you are inspiring and facilitate the debate too.

After that, when you have had the best networking day or evening of the year, we will report the discussions with the next edition of Northern Housing Magazine  In a special headline feature. Social media and branding will go alongside too. You will have a lasting exclusive PR legacy that highlight your strategies to the industry.

For more information, cost and dates please contact


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