Northern Housing Events

Manchester: 12.03.20 Working Lunch

Manchester: 04.06.20 Round table

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Manchester: 20.05.20 Round Table

Leeds: TBC Round Table

Manchester: 18.06.20 Round Table

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Northern Housing Events | 2019

Leeds: 14.11.19

Manchester: 08.10.19

Manchester: 19.06.19

Manchester: 23.05.20

Manchester: 28.03.19

Manchester: 24.01.19

The Northern Housing Awards, round-tables and networking events, provides housing professional platforms to acknowledge achievements, inspiring thought leadership, network with peers and contribute to solving the housing crisis in North of England

If your organisation wishes to engage with housing innovators, debate topical issues and associate with the vibrant northern housing sector, well we are right in the middle of that so come and join us!


The biggest night in housing outside of London, the Northern Housing Awards celebrates the successes and achievements of housing in the North of England

Thought Leadership

Our regular thought leadership events, engages housing leaders through out the North.


We strive in partnership excellence, delivering engaging content and events with sector partners

Want to be involved? Want to know who attends our events?

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