Environment and Design for Dementia – Salford Professional Development ONE CPD

Environment and Design for Dementia – Salford Professional Development ONE CPD
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Salford Professional Development ONE CPD

“Symptoms of memory loss, confusion and difficulty learning new things means that someone with dementia may forget where they are, where things are and how things work.” – NHS England

People living with dementia occupy 25% of hospital beds and account for 75% of all care home residents, representing a significant challenge to the health and social care estate. Small changes to the physical environment such as appropriate flooring, signage and lighting can have a significant impact on quality of life for both patients and their care partners.

Away from a care setting, rethinking the way we design our homes, neighbourhoods and workplaces can also help people with dementia live independently for longer while remaining socially, mentally and physically active.

Seeking to establish clear standards for dementia-friendly environments and design, the Environment and Design for Dementia Conferencewill focus on the actionable design principles and how to implement them. Featuring the latest research on dementia and the built environments from the University of Salford, the agenda will be packed with practical examples from different care and community settings that have delivered improved outcomes, including repurposed buildings, new builds and public spaces.

We are delighted to be gaining a reputation for “insightful and thought provoking” dementia conferences, with feedback from our last event including:

“I was enthralled by all the speakers”

“Good networking event and great opportunity to visit the dementia hub”

“Some really exciting discussions, and great networking opportunity”

“I was captivated from start to finish and the day flew by”

“I will be discussing the event with colleagues and senior management and will emphasise how good I found the conference and if this is a reflection of other events then it’s worth checking the website”

Join us at the Environment and Design for Dementia Conference to explore the many ways we can create safer, more welcoming, easy to navigate and clearly understandable environments for the growing number of people living with dementia. See how small built environment interventions can greatly improve users’ experience. Learn how new technology can improve the person with dementia and care partner experience and understand how we can work with service users to rethink and redesign our environments.

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  • From:2018-11-29   08:30 AM
  • To:2018-11-29 05:00 PM
  • Location: Adelphi House

    Manchester - M3 6EN

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