Bolton art project offers shop window on domestic abuse awareness

AN empty town centre shop in Bolton has been transformed into a community art exhibition to highlight the issue of domestic abuse.

Bolton at Home and local women’s charities Endeavour, Fortalice and Yes Matters, have come together to transform the window of the former jewellery shop in Crompton Place into a gallery of handcrafted artefacts.

Over 100 women from community groups across the borough have created a variety of art exhibits to display in the window, ranging from pieces of embroidery with poignant messages stitched in, through to women’s clothing which was worn during sexual assaults.

The powerful exhibition is the town’s response to the international ‘16 days against gender-based violence’ campaign, organised by the Centre for Women’s Global Leadership.

The campaign, which began in November, aims to raise awareness about gender-based violence against women as a human rights issue and demonstrate solidarity with oppressed and abused women around the world.

“Unfortunately, gender violence is still a worrying part of everyday life for too many women. Domestic violence still happens on our doorstep in Bolton on a frequent basis,” said Karen Allsop, from Bolton at Home.

“Eliminating gender violence such as domestic abuse or rape requires the whole community to come together and reject it. By setting out the art exhibition in Crompton Place we are starting a conversation that will hopefully lead to more people being aware of the dangers that some women still face daily.”

The exhibition is open to view seven days a week during shopping centre opening hours and will be on display until 6th January 2020.


Main Image: The embroidery on display at the exhibit has been created by local survivors of domestic abuse.



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