Wakefield offers warm winter jackets for city’s homeless

HOMELESS people in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, are being given warm winter jackets through a city wide support scheme.

The Street Support Network (SSN) involves the council, charities and businesses that between them offer support to homeless people.

Clothing company Dark Peak Gear is donating down-filled winter jackets, and these are being distributed to the SSN by Wakefield’s Community Awareness Programme (CAP), which is a charity that supports people in need.

For each item of clothing sold, Dark Peak Gear donates another to a homeless person. This year the company says it has donated 1,000 warm jackets, of these, 250 have been set aside for the Street Support Network. Wakefield has been allocated 17 jackets.

“We are proud to be part of the Street Support Network, which is committed to helping people in need in our city and towns, to get access to the support services they require,” said Antony Sadler, service director for communities at the council.

“This generous donation of jackets will help people to stay warm and dry during cold, winter weather, and complements the services we offer to help rough sleepers to access shelter during severe weather and support in the longer term, to permanently come off the streets.”

Kevin Dobson, CAP’s project manager, added: “We welcome this donation as we know it will make a difference to rough sleepers and people in some very tenuous housing circumstances, who are very vulnerable during cold weather.

“All of our supporters are incredibly generous and there’s never a day that goes by when we don’t receive a donation, such as food, clothing, and volunteers’ time. Having this level of support means we can provide hot meals, clothing and furniture as well as friendship, care and advice. We can also help people to access employment and support services so that vulnerable people can move forward in their lives.”


Main Image: Kevin Dobson (left) and Antony Sadler.


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