Council unveils proposals for £90m residential development near Gateshead high street

PLANS for a £90 million residential development of a key site near Gateshead town centre have been revealed by the council.

The proposals for the 20-acre site at the south end of Gateshead’s high street would see a new neighbourhood created with mixed housing, green spaces, community facilities and improved pedestrian and cycle routes to the town centre and Gateshead Interchange.

The scale of the development proposed would mean a four-phase approach is needed over several years and the council says it will be seeking development partners next year.

“This is another key development site for the future of Gateshead,” said Councillor Martin Gannon, leader of the council. “Its location in the heart of Gateshead will strengthen our town centre, providing vital new housing and open spaces, and offer a new way of living for our young dynamic workforce and support our aging population.

“Improved connectivity to the town centre will encourage more people to walk and cycle, whilst allowing people easy access to nearby leisure, work and learning opportunities. I’m confident this site will quickly establish itself as a prime place to live and work.

“We’ve been working on these development plans for the last couple of years to be sure the preferred development option is deliverable, but now’s the time to make them a reality.

“We understand that this is a sensitive time for some existing business and residents but we’re ready to support.”

High Street South is part of a broader multi-million-pound regeneration strategy which includes the further development of Gateshead Quays to include new arena, conference and exhibition centre.



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