Manningham Housing gives staff time off for good causes

A Bradford-based housing association is giving staff time off for good behaviour – make that good causes.

Manningham Housing Association (MHA) has launched the new initiative to enable its staff to take paid time off throughout the year so they can do voluntary work in the community.

The scheme is part of the association’s revised human resources strategy, which aims to broaden workplace experiences whilst benefitting the wider population in Bradford and Keighley.

Each member of staff has been invited to volunteer on a project or with a local charitable group for one day a quarter.

It means that staff who are already taking part in community activities in a voluntary capacity will be able to do so in work time four days a year, without it affecting their leave allocation.

Lee Bloomfield, MHA’s chief executive, said it was important that staff were able to get as close as possible to the communities they serve whilst enhancing their personal skills.

“Our customers rely on us for more than bricks and mortar and our team members are always keen to help those in need in any way they can,” he added.

“Serving alongside other volunteers and learning more about what they do is incredibly helpful. It deepens the knowledge of MHA staff and can make a tangible difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in Bradford and Keighley.

“There is a wide range of projects to choose from including working in food banks, in charity shops or simply rolling up our sleeves in community clean-ups – I shall certainly be doing my bit too.

“Everyone taking part will prepare a short summary of what they have done and this will form part of the MHA annual report

“Our staff are strongly supportive of the initiative and look forward to undertaking challenging new tasks.”

Barrington Billings, MHA’s chair, added: “This is an excellent idea and it has the full support of the board. The overarching HR strategy is designed to help the association achieve its corporate objectives which include broadening the experiences of MHA employees whilst further assisting our customers.

“Lee and his senior management team have done a magnificent job in putting it together. I am confident it will deliver positive outcomes for all involved.

“The level of professionalism now on display at every level of MHA is the reason why, after some difficult years, the association has won a well-deserved reputation for excellence and tangible achievement. We look to the future with a deep sense of pride and ever-growing optimism.”


Main image by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash


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